Social Media Campaign

With a focus on transferring skills from the classroom to the office, my final project in Business Writing consisted of a social media campaign (via Instagram) using one of Coca-Cola’s products (Odwalla) and sustainability initiative programs (Well Being), to engage and connect the company with Millennials. The campaign was presented in class, as if my fellow peers were the Board of Directors at Coca-Cola.

The formal report can be read here: Coca-Cola Campaign.

Below is the infographic developed for the presentation. With the growing interest and use of infographics online by companies and organizations, the ability to effectively use the media is imperative in today’s connected world.

The infographic compiles my research and conclusions in an interesting and informative manner that was used to emphasize and contribute to the overall presentation. It identifies who Millennials are and why they are important to business, and it explains how my proposal enables The Coca-Cola Company to connect and engage with the target audience.




Featured image from infographic, created from The Coca-Cola Company logo and the Mississippi Business Journal Millennial image.